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Halloween History
The World’s Unique Destinations

The word Halloween actually stems from the phrase all hallows eve, which is actually the night before Samhain — an ancient Celtic festival where the tradition of Halloween stems from. People would light up big bonfires and dress in costumes, activities still common today.

Autumn Around the World
Colours and Traditions

The autumn leaves have begun to shine! Vibrant hues of yellow, orange and fiery red are filling the forests along road and pathways, creating a stunning array of magical sights. The sweet scent of renewal is beginning to shimmer as the cold and warm air shifts here and there as the sun peeks out from blankets of clouds.

Top 13 Places to Visit in
Canada: Dawson

Bright, glittering streams of gold and flowing waters. Hidden behind mountain “gates” and protected from the bustling cities like Vancouver or Ottawa.

The beautiful terrain, albeit far up north and therefore a touch cold, will leave you wide-eyed like a child opening a gift or hearing an adventurous story.

Top 13 Places to Visit in Canada: British Columbia

Sitting along the North Pacific Ocean is Canada’s Westernmost province, British Columbia. Where the trees are the tallest in the country, you’ll find yourself winding up and down roads and through thickets of trees in this province.

Top 13 Places to Visit in

Named after the fourth princess of Queen Victoria, Louise Caroline Alberta, the province of Alberta is the most western prairie territory in Canada. The economy in Alberta is predominately oil and natural gas. The terrain is divided into three distinct regions: Cordillera, Interior Plains and the Canadian Shield.

Top 13 Places to Visit in Canada: Northwest Territories

The Northwest Territories are part of the northernmost region in Canada. It borders Nunavut, Yukon, Alberta, Saskatchewan and part of British Columbia. In 1880, Great Britain transferred ownership to Canada, which was a major point for the government at that time as they believed owning the land would help prevent the United States settlers from trying to move there.

Top 13 Places to Visit in Canada: Saskatchewan

How might one describe Saskatchewan, Canada? Kisiskâciwanisîpiy… or swiftly flowing river in Cree. The province’s name is an anglicized version of this word. The province, which has no coastal border, was officially created in 1905.

Top 13 Places to Visit in Canada: Nunavut

Nunavut is 21 per cent of Canada’s land mass. Despite the freezing cold temperatures, limited access and 24-hour daylight in the northernmost islands during the summer (no vampires here), it has a population of just under 36K, approximately 85 per cent of whom are Inuit.

Top 13 Places to Visit in Canada: Manitoba

To the east is Ontario, to the West is Saskatchewan, in the middle, Manitoba. Stretching into the Arctic Tundra all the way down the Hudson’s Bay and further until it reaches United States of America borders for North Dakota and Minnesota.

Manitoba is glittered with lakes (+100,000) and rivers, 80 provincial parks, and homes 1.369-million people.

Top 13 Places to Visit in Canada: Ontario

Ontario, Canada: 1.076 million square kilometers of beauty, business, luxury, history, arts and travel. Over 14.57 million people live in Ontario but that wasn’t always the case. The former residents were woolly mammoths and mastodons… about 10,000 years ago anyway.

Top 13 Places to Visit in Canada: Quebec

Parlé vous Francais? Oui? Non. Regardless, the culture in Quebec, a land of rich history in fur trade, wars, and exploration has maintained much of its unique heritage. The province is a must for anyone who admires old architecture, languages, history, shopping and food.

Top 13 Places to Visit in Canada: New Brunswick

River, upon river, upon more glistening rivers! That’s what hails those who enter New Brunswick. Though the most famous of these rivers happens to be the Bay of Fundy. In fact, the waves are so high that they not only splash into upper river, but tankers are able to sail inland.

Top 13 Places to Visit in Canada: Charlottetown

Just because it’s small, doesn’t mean it can’t pack a real punch! Ever heard ofAnne of Green Gables? Yeah, the little red-headed orphan who loves to jibber jabber and get into trouble on adventures. The story spawned multiple retellings via television shows and movies — it also put Canada’s tiniest province, Prince Edward Island, on the map.

Top 13 Places to Visit in Canada: Nova Scotia

Crackling, banging and scraping of battles and wars echo the streets. On December 6, 1917 the great French ship carrying explosives, Mont Blanc, exploded in the Bedford Basin when Imo — a Belgian relief ship...

Top 13 Places to Visit in Canada: Newfoundland

Vikings. Scottish. French. English. Portuguese. It sounds like the beginnings of a strange song, as if trying to memorize the countries like one does the alphabet. But Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada, was the precipice of what many explorers believed were what they sought.

Miami: The Gateway to Paradise

If you’re looking for a warm, luxurious getaway, look no further than Miami, Florida. This melting pot of cultures is unlike any other city in the world and is an international destination for both business and pleasure.

Royalty and the Modern Era

Nijmegen, the eldest city of the Netherlands (formerly Holland), has much to offer tourists interested in shopping, history and living like royalty. On the outskirts of the city resides the age-old castle of Wijchen. While it’s unknown when the castle was actually built, the first mentions of it are in 1392.

Resurrecting Grounded Jets
Repurposing Jets into Meaningful Space

The jet, which is said to have a mysterious history, had been stored in the yard of Cotswold Airport for a decade before Palmer laid eyes on it and wanted it for his own. .

SWFL: Sweet, Whimsical, Fun, Lovely — or — Southwest Florida

What’s the first thought that springs to mind when someone mentions Southwest Florida? Sunshine and rainbows, perhaps? Or maybe beaches? Well, it’s much more

Killarney: Gem of the North

Pristine glowing waters and sparkling mountain peaks combined with lush forestry. Ah! Killarney: four hours north of Toronto and less than two hours southwest of Sudbury.

The Canadian Heaven: Tobermory

What’s more magical than a glowing cave on a cloudless summer day? Not much. If you’re looking for one such experience, The Grotto (Tobermory, Ontario) is the place to go...

Soak Up the Sun in St. Maarten

It’s safe to say that the last year has a lot of us dreaming about warmer weather, beautiful sand beaches and even more stunning sparkling ocean views. The next time you go to book a beach getaway, look no further than St. Maarten.

Iceland: The Land of Giants

When Norse explorers first landed on the shores of Iceland, they believed that the island was home to mythical giants. From the soaring mountains to glaciers that can span the horizon, Iceland is nothing short of awe-inspiring.

Colours of South Korea

When it comes to preserving history and culture the citizens of South Korea are highly adept. Their monuments to history have not only been preserved over time, but they highlight their way of life and the natural beauty of their country.

City of the Magnetic Mountain

Spanning the divide between Europe and Asia lies the city of Magnitogorsk. One of the largest cities in Russia, Magnitogorsk was constructed on the southern end of the Ural Mountains, the Ural River flowing majestically through it like a sparkling blue ribbon.

Mythical Landscapes of Norway

The Vikings considered the northern lights a gleam of armour from the Valkyrie, mythical female warriors who brought the souls of deceased soldiers to Valhalla. These days, the locals refer to the lights as “the green lady” instead of the Valkrie. Norway’s first monarch was a Viking by the name of Harald Fairhair.

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