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Top 13 Places to Visit in Canada

Saskatchewan, Regina

Author/Editor: Jennifer J. Lacelle
July 9, 2021

How might one describe Saskatchewan, Canada? Kisiskâciwanisîpiy… or swiftly flowing river in Cree. The province’s name is an anglicized version of this word. The province, which has no coastal border, was officially created in 1905.


This province has four main ecozones with 11 other zones within these. They’re fairly distinct from one another as well:

  1. Taiga Shield
  2. Boreal Shield
  3. Boreal Plain
  4. Prairie

The Indigenous tribes were nomadic and the earliest evidence indicated their arrival around 10,000 years ago. There are a number of First Nations that occupy the area: Chipewyan, Amisk and Slavey who spoke Athapaskan; Cree and Blackfoot who spoke Algonquin; and the Assiniboine and Gros Ventres who spoke Siouan. These groups each occupied approximately 30 per cent each (split via language groups). However, their population was decimated by European illnesses for which they had no immunity.

Settlers who began appearing in the 17th century were seeking routes for the fur trade, followed by those more interested in the scientific background of the area in the 19th century. Later, people began coming in surges after the promise of “free” land, this was also after the North-West Mounted Police settled. Most sought out places where they could grow crop, and these areas are still widely populated.

While English is the most spoken language in the province, you will find in the top languages: Tagalog, Algonquin, Cree-Montagnais, and Chinese.

Explore Regina

The 16th largest city in Canada sits in Saskatchewan, and Regina is the province’s capital. It was once called oskana ka-asastēki, or “bone piles.” This is because the Indigenous began stacking the larger bones of the bison here as a tribute to honour the animal spirits as the herds’ number began depleting (due to over hunting).

Today, visitors and residents alike can appreciate and enjoy the nature and cityscape that Regina has to offer for adventure, amusement and dining.

Take, for example, Stone Hall Castle. Perhaps the medieval era was gruesome, unhealthy, and an unkempt time of history but at least there was brilliant architecture. A style in which this castle heralds. Francis Nicholson Darke built the extraordinary home for his wife, Annie, in 1926 after a cyclone (1912) rampaged through the city and destroyed their original estate (where the hotel now is).

He had limestone imported, the same as used for the Saskatchewan legislative building across the lake from him, and began construction. Francis died in 1940 and his wife remained there, alone, until her death in 1964. It underwent serious changes after that to a point the inside no longer looked like the exterior; it was even a funeral home for over three decades.

The current owner purchased the building and gutted the inside to return it to the ultimate medieval style it so rightfully deserved. The process took over a decade but is now available for guided tours of the stunning, fairy tale landmark.

If you’re a lover of sports, almost any kind, then be sure to include the Saskatchewan Sports Hall of Fame before you finish your tour of the city. There are almost 20,000 artifacts and archives available in their halls, and they track 52 sports. As of 2019, they have 527 inductees on record. Since the 1980s, they have received a grant allowing them to produce over 40 literary works that educate people on the sports history of the province.

Their more recent exhibitions (2018 forward) include the rodeo in Saskatchewan, the link between sports and the military, how sports evolve, the relationship between the military and sports (a second exhibit), and Saskatchewan football, to name but a few.


Get your blood pumping with a friendly match at Paintball Paradise. With 11 fields to choose from, spread over 60 acres, the business has continued to thrive over the past three decades. Their adaptability and knowledgeable staff have kept the course operating smoothly.

Courses available include a castle, tire town, WWI, fallout, area 51 and various colour coded spaces. Their prices are reasonable and they offer packages for birthdays, stag and doe, corporate exercises or just to have fun, as long as there’s at least six persons registered to play.


Whatever you’re in the mood for, Regina has it… from scrumptious bar foods, to café style delights, or sushi and other Asian cuisine right into a fine dining experience.

Memories (Dining and Bar) was established in 1989 and serves up some of the highest end foods and table settings. Walking into the establishment will drop your jaw with their elegant, chic, crisp with modern décor and furnishings. The atmosphere will gently ease guests into their luxurious seats for any occasion: weddings, meetings, conference or a simple meal experience.

The Sky Café & Bistro is the place to stop for your lunch. Located inside the Saskatchewan Science Centre, it’s the perfect location for two targets with one stone. Owned by a wife and husband, they strive to deliver outstanding service and dishes while remaining environmentally friendly. You’ll be seated in comfortable, classy and elegant dining areas with large windows where you can view the beauty of nature.


Big, beautiful and bold: Royal Hotel has over 100 rooms for rent that include breakfast, parking and WIFI. They also have a restaurant located inside the hotel and are able to offer meeting spaces. Centrally located, they are close to a number of tourist attractions.

The Hotel Saskatchewan is an old-style, boutique and historic place to stay that has access to Mosaic Stadium and Royal Saskatchewan Museum. Relax in their spa after a hard day spent touring the city before dining in their own restaurant and finally relaxing in your grandiose room, discovering views of Victoria Park through the windows.

Canada is a beautiful country with much to offer for history buffs, adventurers, athletes, and shoppers. Regina makes a great destination for anyone wanting all of the above, which is why it’s a definite must stop spot.

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