Top 13 Places to Visit in Canada

Halifax, Nova Scotia

Writer/Editor Jennifer J. Lacelle
Date June 15, 2021

Crackling, banging and scraping of battles and wars echo the streets. On December 6, 1917 the great French ship carrying explosives, Mont Blanc, exploded in the Bedford Basin when Imo — a Belgian relief ship — impacted the first ship, causing an explosion that killed over 1,600 people and left thousands more homeless and injured. The explosion leveled the northern portion of Halifax, Nova Scotia.


The First Nations people were the Mi’kmaq, members of the Wabanaki Confederacy, whose habitation has been found 10,000 years prior. Their lands are across Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, the majority of New Brunswick, and portions of Gaspé Peninsula of Quebec.


In 1621, the king of England named the province New Scotland (Latin for Nova Scotia) and by 1620 there were two Scottish settlements but they were not to last. There was a great deal of conflict in the 17th Century between Britain and France for the land. However, it wasn’t until 1749 that Britain created a military outpost in what is now Halifax. The purpose of which was to even the playing field between them and the French, who already had a military fort in Cape Breton.

The continued expansion of the province lead to it becoming an important merchant station and dock for Britain’s privateering captains.

Nova Scotia became one of Canada’s founding provinces, despite their reservations about it, in 1867. Skipping ahead to the First World War, prosperity abound with the need for fish, lumber, steel and iron. Until the explosion sent them downhill and they needed to recuperate.

During the Second World War, the port of Halifax would house nearly 7,000 ships as the docks, and city, filled with sailors and merchants.

Halifax is the largest city in the Atlantic Provinces and the capitol of Nova Scotia. Though despite it’s saddening, perhaps also maddening, history there is a uniqueness to the city that simply calls to the adventurous soul daring to explore her world, history, luster and charm.


Halifax has numerous places to visit, so many that you would probably need to live in the city for a while to visit every single one.

First things first, beer lovers, head to Alexander Keith’s Brewery.

This particular brand of beer started being manufactured in NS in 1820, which means it’s now over 200 years old. AK prides itself on using the Nova Scotian landmarks and qualities to inspire their company and brews. If you’re looking to tour the brewery, expect to be greeted by actors portraying people from the 1860s. Obviously, it’s adults only, but inside the building you’ll be able to experience a restaurant, lounge, and a meeting space all in a smoke-free environment.

Nothing like a little mind-bending while locked in a room (choose your players wisely) for an hour.

Captured Escape Rooms will have you coming back for more as your team attempts to escape from pirates, make a scientific or archeological breakthrough, prove your innocence during a rum smuggling operation, or stopping a mad scientist from dominating the world.


It might not be traditionally Canadian, but since Canada embraces cultures, go to Taiyaki 52.

What precisely is taiyaki, you ask?

Well, it’s a traditional Japanese dessert that’s similar to pancakes and waffles. As the story goes, this tastiness was created in 1909 in Tokyo, Japan and was filled with sweetened red bean.

It’s quickly become a comfort food and is offered in a wide variety of flavours; the Halifax company carefully selects its ingredients from local sources.

Feeling less desserty and more into some decent bar food? Get cleaned up for Dirty Nelly’s Irish Pub! In 2019 they won the “Best Food Program in the Americas” for the Irish Hospitality Global Awards.

Their food menu contains everything one would expect out of a good ol’ pub: poutine, wings, salads, burgers and sandwiches. But they also have a section deemed “comfort foods” where you’ll discover mac and cheese, chowder, shepherd’s pie and more. Their drink menu offers the delightful Irish Coffee and a slew of draughts, beers, wines, cocktails, scotch and fully Irish offerings.

You’re in a Jurassic Park style jeep, slowly making your way into the woods, enjoying the fresh air and then there’s a pause. You look over to see something you never thought possible and you stand up in the vehicle, your body half out the top, to get a better look. Is that… Halifax? Open Top Tours might not have any living dinosaurs to look at but they sure do provide a fascinating adventure for their clients.

Their tours are customizable to fit all their clients needs, whether it’s taking the scenic route to see Nova Scotia’s landscape, sipping local wines, heading to beaches or fishing villages. They even offer service to the airport. Tours can last anywhere from three to eight hours, they can adjust according to your time constraints, and clients can select from a number of destination spots to explore: Oak Island, Lunenburg, Fishermen’s Cove, Annapolis Valley, or Peggy’s Cove.

So, what are you waiting for? Time to head on over and explore your next destination in Canada.

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