The Human League of Association

THLA is a registered charity located in Sudbury, ON and have been around since 1996. They ran the P.L.A.Y Program for over two decades and are now focusing their attention on Breakfast Club for Kids and The Value Vault. Healthy and nutritious meals are essential for good, overall health. The Breakfast Club delivers meals to various schools across the city and in Manitoulin Island’s region. They have about 300 volunteers, which would be a collective of $380,000 if wages were paid. The Value Vault sits in the basement of Sudbury Secondary School and offers the students access to essential items like canned foods, toiletries, and clothing.

The Sudbury Manitoulin Children’s Foundation

SMCF was founded in 1976, and they have helped 19,000 kids in low-income households since. They began the Send-A-Kid-To-Camp event in 1983 and covers the entire camping experience for the children (transportation, lodging, sleeping bags, etc.). They cover over 50,000 square miles with over 200,000 residents, a quarter of whom are minors. New to the charity is the P.L.A.Y. Program (Positive Leisure Activities for Youth), which is aimed at getting kids active and keeping them in sports. By staying active, these kids will grow stronger and more confident. The program offers up to $250 and goes toward registration fees and equipment. It was originally founded by The Human League Association, but the program’s legacy has now been passed on to SMCF. Both these organizations are working tirelessly to support and change their communities for the better and so is iinta: you can to! With our Giving back which you can find in our marketplace you can donate to our affiliate charities and make a difference in the lives of the next generation.

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