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Alberta, Canmore

Author/Editor: Jennifer J. Lacelle
August 1, 2021

Named after the fourth princess of Queen Victoria, Louise Caroline Alberta, the province of Alberta is the most western prairie territory in Canada.

The economy in Alberta is predominately oil and natural gas. The terrain is divided into three distinct regions: Cordillera, Interior Plains and the Canadian Shield.


The southern area of the province was originally occupied by the Blackfoot, Blood, Peigan, and Gros Ventre tribes. The Kootenay took the westernmost area while another southern group, Crow, moved toward their territory with the desire to start trade as well as warfare, according to some sources.

The Tsuu T’ina (Sarcee) lived along the North Saskatchewan River, and the northern most region was occupied by the Slavey (Slave Dene).

Fur trade hit Alberta and the lives of the Indigenous changed permanently. As herds decreased in size due to overhunting, the First Nations were forced to find new prey to hunt. They were also required to migrate as the fur trade shuffled around the province, displacing the various tribes across the province.

September 1, 1905 Alberta become an official province within Canada, and went through a steady influx of population increases due to immigration. During World War I, the province was bountiful and were able to supply soldiers, grains and other material. However, in the great Depression, they were suffering with plagues of grasshoppers, droughts and fluctuating prices or needs for grain and coal. Though, like much of the world, once World War II began their economy rose.

In 1947 they discovered a vast deposit of oil and their economy has since continued to expand as the prices of oil has continued to increase over the decades. Except in the 1970s with the oil-crisis and people wondered what would happen next.

Their main economy also happens to include agriculture. Since there are few trees, and lots of flat land, it’s only logical. They predominantly grow wheat, durum, rye, barley, etc. that rakes in over $5 billion a year, and livestock which produces over $6 billion a year.


This beautiful little town sits in Alberta’s region of the Rocky Mountains, and has just under 14,000 citizens.

Due to the rugged, mountain terrain the town has over 71-kilometers of trail, and waterway, areas to explore for hikers, bikers, canoers, kayakers, and climbing. There also happen to be five ski resorts in the area, and the town itself is highly enthusiastic about adventures in the great outdoors.

The city is presumed to be named after Scotland’s King, Malcolm III (anglicized). In general, people can translate the name to variations of chief, big head or great head. Canmore was also the first home of the North West Mounted Police (1890), though the barracks were later changed to a private residence in 1929, and the local officials restored it after buying the property in 1989.

Canmore also happens to be very close to the ever-famous Banff National Park.


As part of your getaway vacation, there absolutely must be shopping involved. Canmore’s Spring Creek has just about anything your little heart could desire. There’s a wine store, grill and lounge, a community fire pit, coffee bar, gallery, deli and opera house to name a few.

Originally one of the city’s most prominent locations, the Opera House has been in operation since the 1900s. The original building may reside there (built 1898), the replica has all the same function, and a bit more with the modern necessities. It can be booked for special events, weddings, meetings, etc.

The original is now at Calgary’s Heritage Park (another city you should add to your list of adventures).

If you head downtown, you’ll discover a wider array of shops to explore. From jewellery to liquor, books to tea, there’s a little something different in each location.

Gift someone special in your life, or yourself, go find Kavia Fine Jewellers. Discover articles designed and built right in Canmore, or design your own pieces. They even carry one of the world’s most precious, and rare, gems in the world. Mined mainly in Southern Alberta, it’s a mixture of shells that have been fossilized (mainly aragonite). This rare find has bright tones of shimmering green, blue, red, and orange (predominately).


Try your hand at climbing in Canmore, so choose from ice climbing or rock climbing. When it comes to numerous outdoor adventures, Yamnuska Mountain Adventures is the way to go.

They offer rock-climbing courses and programs from May to the middle of September. While people don’t necessarily need to have massive strength in their upper arms, until advanced climbing techniques, the use of their legs is what becomes essential.

If you’re not visiting during the summer, then try your hand at ice climbing instead. It might not be as popular as it’s opposite, rock climbing, it’s definitely gaining momentum.

This season is typically mid-November to March/April, depending on temperatures. People need to use ice axes and crampons (spiked foot gear) in order to make their way up the frozen waterfalls. The initial stages of learning how to ice climb can be described as kicking your legs and swinging to help you climb, almost like a ladder.

You can also try mountaineering, which is one of the world’s most popular adventure sports. Even if someone doesn’t actually attempt it themselves, they are usually interested in stories revolving around it. If that’s the group you’re in, and you want to give it a shot, then you can try their beginner courses.

One of the reasons people are so enthusiastic about climbing mountains is because the skills required, physically and mentally, are so elevated that accomplishing the feat is like reaching heaven. The mental component of achieving goals, and what may be viewed as impossible, can-do wonders for the individual.

Relaxing Moments

There are six golf courses in the Canmore area to choose from with the Rocky Mountain backdrop to decorate the greens.

Silvertip Golf Course has elevation changes of 600 feet, valleys and dips over the course of over 7,000 yards to enjoy. Surrounded by trees and mountains you’ll never find the words to describe the beauty, fresh mountain air and deep shades of green. This place is both for the professionals and amateurs.

One of Canada’s top 50 Golf Greens is located near Canmore; Stewart Creek Golf & Country Club. The 18-hole range is surrounded by the Three Sister’s Mountain range and has noticeable elevation changes on the course. Take in the fresh scent of pine as you follow the sloping valleys or driving range with the peaks of a mountain directly before you.Fishing tours are definitely a thing out here. With Wapiti, visitors can book their own tours for ice fishing, wade and Bow River trips, or casting clinics. The staff can guide their visitors down areas where fish, such as brown trout, rocky mountain whitefish, cutthroat, and more, are teeming. If you’re less experienced, they can help you learn the basics of casting, knots, wind issues and anything else you can think of.


If you’re looking for a place to stay and want luxury then one of the most recommended places is the Malcolm Hotel. With 124 rooms, there’s plenty of space for all visitors and within walking distance of Spring Creek. Sitting in the middle of two rivers, with towering mountains all around, it’s the name of peace. There also happens to have an outdoor pool, fine-dining, and fitness centre.

Quant and homely mingled with the classic are what you’ll discover in the 20-bedroom hotel, Georgetown Inn. Some rooms are also pet friendly. Their pub serves up steak sandwiches, fish and chips, hotcakes and egg wrapped in sausage, keeping up with the tradition of pub style foods.

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