Information / Data Disclaimer

indulge in the arts magazine (henceforth iinta) is an aggregate with dozens of categories. These categories include art, acrylics, literature, automobiles, yachting, aviation, sports, fitness, real estate, home décor, investing, travel, music, photography, fashion, memorabilia and cuisine.

As such, there is a wide variety of information, data, imagery and content within iinta’s database. However, the views and opinions contained within these subjects, content, information, data and imagery does not necessarily reflect those of iinta, iinta’s staff, or iinta’s affiliates.

In content where factual data is contained, the elements of this data and information are subject to change. New information and content are discovered, informed and adapted through external sources, changing demographics, scientific discoveries, statistics and so forth. Ergo, iinta is not liable for any potential misinformation contained in our database (iinta strives to provide the highest quality of material and content possible). 

Should a proven error exist on iinta, then iinta’s staff will adjust to the new information and data accordingly (within a reasonable amount of time) in accordance with the latest factual data, external sources, demographics, scientific discoveries, statistics and so forth.   

Images, photography, artwork, etc. are subject to copyright licence CC01.0 (public domain dedication with no copyright claims); from sources with free licence to use commercially with/without attribution to source; written permission from copyright owners to use such property on iinta and affiliated sources (such as YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook); or purchased from copyright owners for the use of iinta and aforementioned affiliated sources.

Should a breach of these conditions occur, iinta will rectify by removing said item, upon proof of such, within a reasonable amount of time. iinta is not liable for any legal, medical or other fees incurred by parties in obtaining such proof.

Boutiques contained within iinta’s site and database are currently available only within Canada and the United States of America (LuxyLane Collection & Trendy Arrivals).

Affiliates whose product is mentioned within iinta’s database, but linked to their business site, are responsible for their product and website and indemnify iinta from any liability or fees incurred from ordering, processing, shipping and receiving.

All content on iinta is subject to change at iinta’s discretion.


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