Top 13 Places to Visit in Canada

Moncton, New Brunswick

Author/Editor: Jennifer J. Lacelle
June 18, 2021

River, upon river, upon more glistening rivers! That’s what hails those who enter New Brunswick. Though the most famous of these rivers happens to be the Bay of Fundy. In fact, the waves are so high that they not only splash into upper river, but tankers are able to sail inland.

Another fun fact about the bay is that it retreats and returns twice a day, in six-hour increments, where it takes in and releases 3,680,000,000 cubic feet of water. Because of these “swells,” it’s impossible to use the energy for electricity. Either there would be too much energy to harness or zero.

Nearby is the city of Moncton, sitting on the southeast end of the province, a very French town with sparkling rivers, green valleys and vibrant leaves in the autumn. Thus, it’s no surprise there is an abundance of outdoor activities to participate in around town.

Outdoor Adventures

Moncton has over 75 kilometers worth of trails, and many of which are connected to each within the township to make for a spectacular web of discovery and exploration. Some of their main trails include Riverfront, Humphreys Brook, Northwest, Rabbit Brook, and Fairview Knoll Park. These trails are a combination of loops, or single lines, connections to splash pads or parks, following rivers, and so forth. Not only will you be able to get your exercise and relaxation of nature, but you’ll get a more intimate look at the city.

Test your limits with ziplining and treetop obstacle courses at TreeGo. Of course, visitors don’t begin at the hardest level. Employees ensure clientele are accustomed to everything, such as equipment, and finding your own rhythm before starting the next level. They have four levels of varying degrees: finding balance in their activities; swinging from ropes and climbing trees; ziplining higher up in the tree branches and walking across a moving obstacle; and, move higher into the trees’ canopies and discover your ultimate fitness challenge. Oh yes, there are courses for children and adults, so don’t you worry, bring your family.

Indoor Activities

The year is 1883 and Second Baptist Church is built in Moncton. It’s now called Lutz Mountain Heritage Museum and houses over 6,000 artefacts; including quilts, garments, household items and tools from previous eras. They also feature genealogical records, census, marriage and cemetery records (1770-1901), and local newspaper clippings. On Wednesdays, they feature a market for local vendors where you can find produce and herbs (among other things).

Get your wine on with -Magnetic Hill Winery. So, it’s a bed and breakfast, wedding and party venue, and winery with tour tastings. The owners were originally berry farmers but needed to reconsider and expand their business ventures and ideas.

They ended up purchasing an estate that was built in 1867 and restored its natural beauty in the early 2000s. By 2005 they had three wines, all locally sourced, up for grabs and have continued to build since then with new flavours. Their wines can be found in 120 locations across the province, including restaurants, hotels and grocery stores such as Sobey’s, Superstore, and Independent.

The bed and breakfast portion of the estate opened in 2010 and is currently rated the top place to stay in Moncton. The modern amenities with the historical aesthetic, built in pond and garden have also made it tourist destination. This year (2021) they are planning on opening a brand-new winery, and who knows what else is to come in their future?


Dance your way over to the- Atlantic Ballet Theatre of Canada (renamed Atlantic Ballet Atlantique Canada) for a new show, an imagined world, and performances that will blow you away. Mixing ballet with strong theatrical components is one of the qualities they pursue in their original works of art. Their reputation proceeds them as they deliver performances locally, nationally and internationally. They began touring in 2001 and have created no less than 15 original productions since their founding. The company also offers internships and lessons to newer, and experienced, dancers who want to hone their skills.

Theatre and history pairs together perfectly at the- Capitol Theatre. Originally, there were two theatres constructed: the Empress (1908) and Capitol (1922). Despite being two theatres, they shared an entrance until a fire destroyed them (1926). Naturally, it was rebuilt and continued running well into the 1980s until Famous Players decided to sell the building. In the early 1990s it was purchased, restored to it’s former 1920s aesthetic while adding all the modern technology.

The Capitol side houses nearly 800 audience members for various occasions, while the Empress has been used for numerous television recordings, and an intimate theatre setting in their black box theatre.

Clearly, there’s more to Moncton than meets the eye. Their ability to preserve history while incorporating all the modern technology and amenities seen in giant cities like Ottawa will let you forget you’re in the city and in the countryside, simultaneously.

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