From the Flight Deck

Aviation’s Dirty Word

I don’t know any flight that I have flown as a pilot or as a passenger where turbulence wasn’t present. Turbulence or as the non aviator type would call it, air pockets, has been terrifying so many since the beginning of passenger flying. I can surely appreciate the level of anxiety and tension people might feel when the aircraft encounters turbulence.

How can they fly?

This is one of the questions I get asked every time I fly as a passenger and my seat companion knows that I am a pilot. When you look at a jumbo jet like the Boeing 747 that has a maximum take-off weight of over 900,000 pounds and can carry over 400 passengers, you must ask yourself, how can this huge machine stay in the air.

Volocopter Secures Partnerships and Programs

Volocopter, one of the world’s advanced air taxi service operations has announced a global groundbreaking electrical pilot training program, and expanding partnerships driving their success.

Icons of Canadian Skies

Almost as soon as he could walk, Major Jean-François Dupont wanted to fly.

With a rich history in aviation that started as an Air Cadet and with a glider license, Maj Dupont is now the Lead pilot for 431 Air Demonstration Squadron—known to most Canadians as the Snowbirds.

I wanna be a pilot!

Leonardo Da Vinci is famous for saying, “once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return.”


I remember my father predicting the weather better than the meteorologist on TV. Every time he predicted adverse weather I would question him… he was right 95% of the time.

After so many years as a pilot, I can now say that I read the sky just like my father did.

Seriously, how safe is it?

It’s so funny to hear people talk about flying and how dangerous they think it is. You would be surprised how many are out there.

My niece for example, who is approaching 40 and lives across the country from her family, has never flown on a commercial airliner let alone any type of aircraft.

Connecting Suburbs to Cities

It’s here. Those vehicles in the cartoon show, The Jetsons; the ones in the sci-fi movies slicing between skyscrapers, they’ve become a reality and are less than five years away from full operation. One of those ingenious companies is Volocopter and they’ve introduced a new member to their family: VoloConnect.

Spreading its Wings into Canada

There’s a new bird in Canadian air space and not just any bird. iinta is excited to report that North Carolina based parent company, Jet It, has aligned with Skyservice Business Association for aircraft management and operations. This will offer Canadian private jet ownership and travel to its clients up to a maximum of 130 days a year.

The Battles of Aviation

I remember flying with the cockpit door open at all times but that changed after 9/11. It took a while for the aviation sector to rebound after these tragic events. The whole industry had to re-think security measures and it has never been the same.

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