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Spreading its Wings into Canada

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By Kelly Louiseize

There’s a new bird in Canadian air space and not just any bird. iinta is excited to report that North Carolina based parent company, Jet It, has aligned with Skyservice Business Association for aircraft management and operations. This will offer Canadian private jet ownership and travel to its clients up to a maximum of 130 days a year.

The demand is coming from small and medium size businesses, large corporations and private plane holders, said Jeremi Austin, director of sales and operations for Jet It Canada.

“With our rates, it is a great compliment for business use and affordable personal use.”

Across the United States, Jet It activity for private air travel has risen 300 per cent and it is still on the incline with Canada following suit according to Austin.

There is a need for safer ways to travel - a more convenient way without being handcuffed by large airline schedules, Austin said.

“Areas north of Georgian Bay will be particularly well served.”

Jeremi Austin

What precipitated the move was a Harvard Study that deemed Canada as Jet It’s next foray. Students put themselves in the shoes of the Chief Executive Officer, Glenn Gonzales. After two years of research, they realized the business could accommodate an expanding market.

Hondajet Elite is expected to arrive in Canada by June 2021.

“You could have meetings in New York or Halifax without ever having to fly through Toronto,” said Austin.

The first HondaJet Elite with a host of features, including Wi-Fi, is expected to roll onto the tarmac by mid-May, possibly June of 2021. It sits four people spaciously with two jump seats and flies at an altitude of 43,000 feet. Based on company research, the average passenger number is three with a flight duration lasting 90 to 120 minutes.

Hondajet Elite is expected to arrive in Canada by June 2021.

Ownership fees consist of an acquisition deposit, a monthly fee and $2,200 (CAD) per hour use. Combining costs, it is still generously three-times lower than other private carriers, Austin said.

Contracts are valid for five years with a guaranteed residual, meaning that if a client does not use up all his or her days, the company would forward up to 15 percent the following year. In the event clients want to exit the program, Jet It provides an option to buy the plane back in year three at a guaranteed value.

“It is very consumer focused,” said Dr. Akir Khan, vice president of strategy in the United States. “It is not like ‘we’ve got you for five years.’ It is like we have you until you are ready to give it up.”

Owners can purchase one-tenth up to a maximum of half the aircraft.

“This is the evolution of travel. We have reached a point where people who can afford it can have access to their own private jet at a reasonable cost,” Dr. Khan said.

It takes grit to open an airline business in the face of a worldwide pandemic, never mind a private one. Fortunately, that’s just what Glenn Gonzales, CEO of Jet It has. It is part of his character, complemented by the rigorous training from the United States Air Force Academy (USAF) where he underwent Specialized Undergraduate Pilot Training (SUPT).


Earning his wings, Gonzales remained at SUPT as an instructor pilot in the supersonic trainer, T-38 for students that would continue to fly fighters and bombers in the USAF. He received awards for his skill as an instructor, being named best top instructor pilot for over 300 of his peers. Becoming a fighter pilot in the F-15C Eagle, Gonzales earned awards for his airmanship as Distinguished Graduate and Top Gun. The 71st Fighter Squadron out of Langley AFB impressed a medal upon him for his leadership overseas in support of operation Enduring Freedom.

Jet It will utilize office space within Skyservice Business Association fixed based operation

“Success is habitual,” Glenn Gonzales explained in an email. “It requires a consistent and focused effort that WILL be challenged. These challenges must be met with an equal force of strength and resilience but tempered with patience. The arc of life is long and the patience to achieve your goals when faced with adversity will allow consistent and focused thoughts and actions to become habits, which leads to success.”


Aligning Jet It with Skyservice was a natural fit since both companies place customer experience and service first.

“Our standard is to exceed client expectations, and Skyservice has proven their ability to deliver exceptional service at every turn,” Gonzales stated. As one of the largest aircraft management companies in North America, they have an impeccable safety record and an exceptional reputation in private aviation. “Skyservice is also incredibly competent.”

Lyne Barbeau, vice president, Business Aviation of Skyservice Business Association welcomes Jet It Canada into their new fixed based operation (FBO) at the Toronto Pearson International Airport.

“We are proud to be the HondaJet representative in Canada and overjoyed to welcome more Honda Jets as they come to the North through our relationship with Jet It and their entry into the Canadian market,” Barbeau stated in an email.

  Image of Skyservice Business Association fixed based operation at the Toronto Pearson International Airport.

Their new facility, which is 75 per cent complete, is the first construction of an FBO at Toronto Pearson International Airport in 17 years. It features a high-efficiency sustainable design complete with a full-service passenger lounge and a modern business centre. Clients can take advantage of their well-appointed modern meeting rooms and a 1,700 sq. ft conference room equipped with cutting-edge technology and premium amenities needed to host a successful meeting, Barbeau stated.

When it is fully complete, it will offer customers a full range of Business Aviation Services, including aircraft management, aircraft charter, aircraft maintenance, aircraft sales and brokerage, and fixed base operations.

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