iinta - "induldge in the arts" or tell us, "what are you iinta"

If you’re iinta something new, fresh and unique - you have landed on the right site. You won't find generic here!

iinta is an aggregate of Art, Music, Sport, Live Edge Creations, Literature, Photography, Collectibles, Decor, Fashion, Health, Beauty, Travel, iintaviews and the Exotic. It is ever changing based on what you, our audience, is iinta.

Our exclusive celebrity interviews and product offerings are sure to delight! Topic of interest columns, changing trends are based on what you - the reader - are iinta.

Our Team will add new weekly offerings and search for aspiring artists, new features and categories. It will continue to evolve and keep you engaged.

If you're "iinta charity and gift-giving" you can "transact for a cause". A portion of the sale proceeds will go to one of our signature charities and help make a difference in the lives of others.

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