Rod LaRocque | President

Thirty-five year seasoned executive within the insurance, aviation and non profit industry. Rod is the creator of IINTA Inc. and has deeply invested his time and energy to ensuring its success. He never ceases to amaze the team with his razor-sharp focus even while juggling multiple projects. His versatility has played a huge role in shaping the diverse culture of shared success at IINTA Inc.

Meraj Bugti | Information and Technology Officer

Meraj has an unparalleled understanding of the entire IT stack. His team manages all of IINTA’s IT needs with precision, accountability while maintaining a high level of privacy and data protection guidelines, ensuring that our members and celebrities enjoy the IINTA experience with utmost privacy.

Kelly Louiseize | Global Journalist

Kelly’s curiosity in people and life adventures fuels her growth. Kelly is in the process of completing her first book which is expected out this year. Each of the pieces she writes for the magazine is well researched and makes for a gripping read, best enjoyed while sipping a hot cup of cocoa or wine!