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Din Thomas: Life is Growth and Creativity

There comes a time in everyone’s life when they must make a decision. Fight… or flight. Being a small person, coming in at a height of 5’9” and one of his last weigh-ins at 144-lbs, Din Thomas decided that rather than fear his safety he would become one of the fighters he’d watched on television growing up.

“When I saw the first UFC [Ultimate Fighting Championships] in 1993, I was like, ‘I gotta do this,’” Thomas says before adding, “I didn’t wanna get beat up in the street.”

Theo Fleury

There are going to be experiences, good and bad, that shape people and recreate them into entirely different people. These defining moments leave lasting impressions emotionally, physically, spiritually and mentally.

Bryan Trottier: Taking the NHL by Storm

The small, quant town of Val Marie, Saskatchewan is the typical Canadian village with under 200 residents. Their primary economical resources are ranching, farming and tourism, but it’s famous for two primary reasons.

One: the nearby Grasslands Provincial Park, a place to see some of Canada’s rarest wildlife in it’s 700 square kilometers.

Twists and Turns in Life

The saying “fifteen minutes of fame” is applicable to most people who hit the spotlight like a brilliant flash of light before flickering out like a sparkler at the end of the rod, leaving fans wondering: “what in the world happened to them?”

Once in a Lifetime

The moment you can walk there’s a pair of skates put on your feet. It’s cold outside, because Quebec City is often chilly with lots of snow, which means it’s time to play ice hockey. Of course, the first pair of skates a child receives isn’t a size ten adult, NHL grade—though parents have hopes and dreams of such.

Building a Professional Triathlete

It’s pouring rain and cold enough to turn to wet snow. Kyle Jones’ body is screaming to shut down. Those are the days that separate the winner from the contender, says one of Canada’s best triathletes for over a decade.

Where Are They Now?

What does it take to play sports professionally? Skill, ability and persistence are a number of factors when it comes to many areas of life, including sports. Sometimes, a player’s size is also a factor.

East Coast Surf’s Up!

Summer is here and vacation time is around the corner. For those wanting to scale it down to perhaps a more affordable getaway, Point Michaud may be a great destination. But leave your cell phone behind.

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