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Fall Into Fresh Skin

With autumn already here, we can reflect on our fun summer days and embrace the cooler temperatures. The vivid hues of red, orange, brown and yellow add a final touch of colour before the winter graces us with a blanket of snow. Most importantly, as we bid farewell to the hot sun, we need to start thinking about our skin and the potential harm it has endured over the summer months.

Buddha’s Influence

The term mindfulness is becoming a huge buzz-word in the holistic health world. Anywhere from yoga, therapists or martial arts you’re bound to hear the word at least once. But what is mindfulness?

What is Your Skin?

Skin is important to bodily health, and not just because it holds all the insides… well, inside. You can probably guess a person’s age or health just by taking a good look at their skin, the older we get the looser it becomes. If someone has jaundice then their skin will discolour to a shade of yellow; it signifies an illness like hepatitis, gallstones or tumours

Health & Wealth

There are many things’ people do, or attempt doing, to try changing their lives. Some people grind themselves to the bone while others take classes on how to improve their lives. The real question is what drives us to be better, to become the ultimate versions of ourselves?

Abraham Maslow spun his theories about human nature and needs in a positive direction. His theory was defined in 1943, though some aspects have not been entirely proven. Each step in his theory must be completed before someone can move on to the next, higher, level.

A Case for the Magic Mushroom

A small case study administering psilocybin on people with depression has health clinicians’ hopeful in establishing it as a new form of treatment.

In a six-week study at the Imperial College London’s Centre for Psychedelic Research experts undertook an exploratory, randomized, double-blind clinical study with 59 participants who suffered from depression.

Kicking Polio Out

In a world that saw 75,000 children infected with polio in the 1990s, new reports are surfacing indicating only two countries are left with afflicted children: Pakistan and Afghanistan. In May of 2014, the WHO declared an emergency with the resurgence of the virus in Africa and Middle East.

Currently, in the two countries still strongly affected, there are 56 positive cases, and 84 respectively, have been identified in children under five years of age.

Here Comes the Sun!

We all love a beautiful sunny morning. Somehow it puts an instant smile on my face. But before stepping out, I need to hydrate and protect my skin. Morning routines may vary but the following steps has helped protect my skin and reduce sun damage for 30 years. I trust our in-office line AllumierMD.

Missing Smiles

Now that we’re wearing masks everywhere we go, I noticed myself smiling but receiving no response from people because my smile is hiding behind the fabric affixed to my face.

My morning routine starts with Purifying Gel Cleanser followed by Bright and Light toner, which is free of dyes, parabens, phthalates, animal cruelty and artificial fragrance.

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