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iinta Christmas Edition 2023

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Amidst the announcement of two astronomical heights; the climax of the worst Global financial crisis since 1938, and SpaceX successfully orbiting the first privately launched spacecraft, Rick Jaitley confidently embarked on his continued journey to excel in the insurance industry.

Radiant Skin for the Festive Season

Celebrate the season of holiday cheer by embracing the beauty of radiant skin! Santa’s working on his gift list, so why not consider a good facial cleanser as the gift for your skin needs every day? In this skincare journey, let's discover how facial cleansers can be the key to a healthy and vibrant complexion, just like the joy of the holiday season.

2024 Florida Housing Market Outlook

Considering moving to Sunny Florida this coming year to claim your slice of paradise? You are not the only one. Florida expects to receive over 800 new residents a day this coming year. And what will the market look like in 2024? Read on and learn what the coming year may hold according to the article written by Richard Westlund of Realtor Magazin

Who is flying the plane!

It's no secret, the entire airline industry is struggling to hire and retain pilots. It’s being experienced globally!

Competition is fierce in who can attract and train new pilots. Six figure signing bonuses are becoming the norm south of the border and personally speaking, getting out of order.

The industry is predicting that the world will require an additional 30k pilots in the next few years. One just has to look at the aircraft orders around the world. Emirates Airline and FlyDubai just placed a combined order of over 100 airplanes. Factor in 15 crew per airplane, and just that, will require them to recruit an additional 1500 new hires.

Grape Brand Wines

As rosy-fingered-dawn rose over civilization in the Western World, it was often Greeks who brought viticulture, the gift of twice-born Dionysus, to new locales around the Mediterra-nean. Following unknowing in the footsteps of Gauls, galleys bearing Greeks first crossed the wine-dark sea in 600 BC.
They settled first in Marseilles (then: Μασσαλία) where they then spread through what is now Languedoc-Roussillon, the
region of this month’s wines.

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