Michelle Chretien

Michelle Chretien

Michelle Chretien

When it comes to exploring the creative arts, Michelle Chretien has been at it for more than half her life. The Métis and French European artist received her first sewing machine at 13 years old. 

Turns out it has come in handy since she progressed her skills, and now makes clothing. Her love for creativity continued evolving as she began painting fabrics, eventually leading her to work on actual canvas. 

Though, her primary focus lately has been painting skills, particularly, a larger canvas piece. Michelle now predominantly works with acrylic paints though she also enjoys incorporating different mediums. More recently, she has been experimenting with plaster of Paris to add texture; gold leaf for adding shine to his pieces; and, interestingly, the cozy product known for it’s warmth, wool! The mixture of abstract and contemporary in addition to these experiments makes the pieces unique, and adds immense dimension to the art. 

 You can also look forward to other works, potentially, as this versatility now incorporates resin work in the form of coasters. Whether it’s creating something simplistic, a clean cut painting or running clear across the spectrum and making her art loud and colourful, she is consistently versatile. This ability allows her to explore many styles of art and find new ones as she goes forward in her work. 

 “There’s always a little piece of me in each piece,” Michelle says.

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