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The Complete Pilot Selection Handbook is a valuable reference book for all pilots. This book is designed for anyone who is considering becoming a pilot, cadets and even those who are already Captains. Every pilot must go through a selection process before they can join an airline, or even a flight Academy.

Why? Because not everyone will fit the bill, so to speak. When a company is preparing to spend thousands of dollars in training, they want to ensure candidates will be successful. Reputable flight academies have a rigorous selection process that filters out those who might fail. Who else must endure this process? The Cabin Crew. While the door is open to everyone, not all will walk through it.

This book provides readers with details surrounding all phases of the pilot selection. Some of the included topics are the initial interview, psychometrics, group exercises, simulator, core competencies required, and the final interview.

Captain Michel Treskin, co-author and pilot, has interviewed over 15,000 pilots to discover that only 30-40% completely passed the selection. This book will provide anyone interested in becoming a pilot the fighting chance for success.

The Complete Pilot Selection Handbook


Angels are on the brink of extinction.

Demons rule over mankind.

It has been a decade since Earth descended into ruin. Smothered in black clouds lies a land plagued with nightmares and pain, the aftermath of the war between Heaven and Hell. The archangel Uriel has finally been given leave to descend to Earth. He alone can renew the fight against the darkness and reignite the war both sides thought was over.

With a mission that seems impossible and a reluctant half-demon helping him, Uriel must go against everything he ever believed in if he wants to bring light back to the world. But the archangel soon finds that this new world is far worse than he ever imagined, and the vicious fangs of demons are the last thing he should fear.

Archangel is the debut novel from D. William Landsborough and the first in the Shadow's Advent series.


The black clouds over Zezurat are gone.

The angels are marching.

Heaven and Hell are at war once more.

After slaying Botis and claiming a foothold on Earth, Uriel and the angels of Sanctuary, bolstered by the legions of Heaven, have taken the fight to the demon Abaddon. With renewed hope driving them, they now face the demon prince's unending hordes of demons and progeny.

But Abaddon will not give up without a fight. The archangels and their army are forced to a stalemate outside of Gehenna. With every inch the angels gain, they must accept the terrible cost that victory demands, a cost that will test not only their strength, but their faith.

Faith in their Father.
Faith in each other.
Faith in everything they have ever been told.


The world falls to ruin when demented creatures appear and begin slaughtering earth's living beings as an act of revenge.


Stella Martin grew up knowing she wasn't like the average person but she hadn't expected to be the cause of the world's downfall.

While she intended to become a police officer, the destruction of the world led Stella down other paths where survival in a cold, dismal world took precedence.

Now, as an invisible force summons her to Georgian Bay, she must regain both her memories and magic if she has any hope of repairing the destruction she opened the world to.


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