Strong Female Characters

Because October is Women’s History Month in Canada, we’re taking the time to discuss the strong women who have changed, and are still changing, the world. This also happens to include the fictional females who have inspired women and female-identifying individuals.

Famous Female Authors
Women Making Waves

It’s Women’s History Month in Canada and we’re celebrating by sharing fascinating content and information of previous and up-and-coming women who inspire the world!

Throughout civilization’s history, there wasn’t always access and openings for women to share their thoughts with the world, which is odd since communication is essential to society.

The History of Language

Everything in the world communicates in some form or another. Animals make their sounds, like a cat who meows, purrs or hisses; dogs bark, growl, snarl and whimper; and whales click, whistle and make pulsed calls. Communication is something that’s universal, it’s the barriers of understanding said language that become a problem.

Does Fiction Influence Reality?

The wind whistled between the trees, echoing nature’s voice as Abigayle made her way over the rugged surface of the earth and out of the thick forest. She shuddered as sharp winter air swept across the field and through her thin jacket

Are All Stories the Same?

There’s a great debate among literary scholars, authors, readers and the like about the limitations of storytelling. Of course, each story is unique to the author as they reveal tiny pieces of themselves in their work (but that’s another article altogether). The debate, however, is how many types of stories exist.

Why Do We Love Stories?

One of the more famous authors of fables is Aesop, who’s earliest record of writing is in the 4th Century BCE. Although, there is some speculation that he retold stories already created and he simply became the famous one.

Psychology in Literature

Historically, stories are a part of human nature. People have been telling narratives for centuries, orally and written, as a way of making sense of the world and relating to each other.

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