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The World is Passing Me By

I used to joke that the older I got, the less I understood. However, I have discovered during the past few years that this is no longer a joke. While I have many examples to demonstrate this, let me refer to just four.

Goodbye Shareholder Capitalism

Is there a future for capitalism? Setting aside the obvious; namely, that there is no single model of capitalism, there seems to be a growing demand to replace the old system of shareholder capitalism with something different. Let’s call a possible new model stakeholder capitalism.


According to Wikipedia,Bitcoin was invented by an unknown person or group of people under the name Satoshi Nakamoto and released as open-source software in 2009. The system works without a central bank and supposedly without a single administrator.

Fred Lazar

One of Canada’s leading experts in Economics, Fred Lazar, has been an Associate Professor at York University since September 1972. This role includes the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies, as well as the Schulich School of Business.

Canada and Covid

At the beginning of this year, many Canadians and most of their political leaders, were prepared to do a victory lap, believing that the worst of the pandemic was behind us and the national, provincial and territorial governments had all performed beyond expectations.

Is Pi the future of cryptocurrency?

In a market dominated by cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Ethereum and players big and small, it can seem daunting to really get into the new phenomenon that is crypto.

The Truth Behind Internet Marketing Gurus

While that infamous Tai Lopez video isn’t necessarily making the rounds anymore, it has been replaced by a flood of other internet marketing “gurus” and experts who all tout the same promise of not just freedom, but freedom without the work.

What is Bitcoin?

Though it has been around since 2009, Bitcoin is seeing not only a renewed surge in value but in mainstream popularity, too. More and more high-profile individuals and corporations are adopting Bitcoin as either an investment or an accepted form of currency.

How Does Day Trading Work?

The news over the last few months has been dominated by an ongoing back and forth in the stock market. Fortunes have been gained and lost for many through day trading, for both professionals and what many call “retail investors”

How does trading precious metals work?

Long before human beings were trading Bitcoin and holding mutual funds, even before paper currency or minted coins were commonplace, we used precious metals as both a signifier of wealth and as a method of exchange.

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