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Gino Donato

Click… whirr… snap! The sound of camera shutter captures a moment in time. Gino Donato has been working professionally as a photographer for over 28 years. He began taking pictures as a teenager, before the digital age, and learned how to develop and print film using his father’s darkroom. It was at home then and he “just kind of stuck with it, photographing concerts and sporting events in high school.”

Donato has gone from processing in a dark room to transferring photos from his camera, to phone and then sharing online. While the ISO (the camera’s sensitivity to light) and quality of the image in the digital age is impression, the look of film grain just “can’t be beat” according to him.

Gustavo Cabra

As a passionate photographer, Gustavo Cabral has explored the world to find the best places to capture on camera. Originally from Brazil/Germany, he is now based out of the Netherlands where he finds stunning — almost celestial — landscapes to freeze in time.

He began his photography journey in 2009, and has expanded his repertoire to include cityscapes, seascapes, outdoors, and astrophotography. Though, his favourite style is natural landscapes under special lighting conditions.

“Whenever I have the chance, I’m out exploring.”

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