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Gustavo Cabral

As a passionate photographer, Gustavo Cabral has explored the world to find the best places to capture on camera. Originally from Brazil/Germany, he is now based out of the Netherlands where he finds stunning — almost celestial — landscapes to freeze in time.

He began his photography journey in 2009, and has expanded his repertoire to include cityscapes, seascapes, outdoors, and astrophotography. Though, his favourite style is natural landscapes under special lighting conditions.

“Whenever I have the chance, I’m out exploring.”

Cabral has been published commercially, and editorially, around the globe. His photography can be found in National Geographic, Digital Photographer and Practical Photography magazines, and PhotoPills Awards Books to name a few.

Apart from photography, he remains busy with his corporate life as a top manager for one of the world’s largest consumer-goods manufacturers.

Cabral studied Mechanical-Aeronautical Engineering, and earned his Bachelor’s Degree in 2006 and Masters in 2007 from one of Brazil’s top universities: Technological Institute of Aeronautics (ITA). In 2015, he obtained a PhD in Production Technology from RWTH Aachen University in Germany — one of the most renowned Mechanical Engineering schools in the country.

His wife and their two boys are always by his side with support. This encouragement helps Cabral find further motivation and drive in all aspects of his life.

The world is a fantastical, mystical place that allows people to lose themselves in its beauty. Cabral’s work showcases nature at it’s finest, and the highlights of human innovation.

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Gustavo Cabral Photography

Good Night

Moonrise behind a Dutch windmill.

Dutch Autumn

Beautiful autumn colours in a Dutch forest.

Reaching for the Moon

Early spring supermoon rising behind an ominous tree.

German Spring

A hidden forest in Lower Saxony during spring.


Alpenglow and Earth’s shadow on one of the most breathtaking views of this monumental mountain

A Frozen Morning

Paard van Marken lighthouse during a very cold morning – Netherlands.

Moonlight Dolomites

Moonlight shining on the Cadini di Misurina during a mysterious night.

Running Wild

Camargue horses stampede during sunset. A beautiful display of power and beauty.

Bluebell Paradise

A mystical forest in Belgium all carpeted with bluebell flowers.

Le Magnifique Mont Saint-Michel

The Mont Saint-Michel is situated in the south Normandy, France. It is an incredible and surreal rocky tidal mountain surrounded by quicksand and water.

Typical Dutch

Built in 1913, De Vlinder Windmill is one of the most “modern” Dutch windmills with a classic architecture. It is also listed as Rijksmonument, a national heritage site of the Netherlands.

A Storm is Coming

A high precipitation supercell approaching a wind farm. The warm sunlight mixed with the cold hail of the storm core result in beautiful turquoise tons.

Spring Breeze

Beautiful Amelanchier blossom during a peaceful spring morning.

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