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Kaitlyn Vallieres

Kaitlyn Vallieres is a young entrepreneur with distinguishable taste, eyes for fashion and remarkable skill creating everyday outfits and costumes. Her designs are unique, tailored to her clientele, and created from scratch.

She opened her company, Kitt on a Box a few years ago, but she has been an artist since childhood. One of the reasons she began designing clothing is to allow people to feel comfortable in their own skin because fashion isn’t just a statement.

Her philosophy is to put her clients first and foremost by establishing relationships with them. This allows her to connect with them and in turn create precisely what they’re seeking. By getting to know each client personally, Vallieres creates the ultimate design that fits their lifestyle.

Customers are able to commission designs, clothing alterations, grand outfits for events, or costumes and cosplay. When not completing commissioned pieces, Vallieres has further items pre-made in her shop.

These items include socks, scarfs, scrunchies, dresses, shirts, aprons, masks and mask chains. She also offers different categories of work including the geek line and jewelry.

While being a business owner is a great deal of work, and challenging, it’s something she looks forward to every day as she can create outside of the cookie-cutter style and allow people to express their individuality through comfortable, unique, true to who they are fashion.

Obtain Your Custom Wardrobe

My design process is fairly straight forward. Most of my clients know what they want and come to me with a photo in mind, but for those who don’t, they’ll bring me several design ideas or elements they like. I produce a sketch based on which elements I think will look best together.

Once we’ve refined the look of the croquis, or fashion sketch, we start talking about materials best suited for the project. I like to have the materials sourced prior to drafting so that both myself and the client know what we’ll be working with. Because I live in such a small town with limited access to higher quality materials, I often make trips to Toronto to shop what Queen West has to offer. Some of my favourite spots are DownTown Fabrics, Affordable Textiles and Sewing Supply and Leather Depot.

I get several samples for my clients so they can feel what it will be against their skin, see it shine in the sun, and know what the weight of the fabric will be. Once the client has approved the fabrics, I purchase them and set to work drafting. I do most of my own drafting in house. Once complete, we’re set to have our first fitting. My samples are made out of muslin, unbleached cotton, so that we can make sure the general fit will be good before cutting into the more expensive and luxurious fabrics.

Once the client is happy with the fit of the mock-up, I can start the process of sewing using the proper fabrics. One final fitting in the fully constructed garment and then it’s theirs to take home!

It’s extremely important to me that my clients walk away loving their clothing and feeling the best that they can.

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