Winner’s Declaration and Release Agreement.  

This Agreement is dated______________________ day of __________,___________ .

Launch iinta Contest winner (Releasor) ___________________________________ of

(Address)________________________________________ City_____________________


I hereby declare and affirm the following:

  1. I am a legal resident of the above address and country and I am at least 18 years of age.
  2. I have entered Launch iinta Contest in accordance with of the Official Rules and understand those Rules. I am signing the Winner’s Declaration and Liability Agreement with an understanding that I relinquish iinta and its affiliates, administration, directors, employees, agents, contract workers and representatives from any liability, loss, responsibility or damage resulting from Launch iinta Contest or the prize. In consideration of the prize, I assume all my risks related to the Launch iinta Contest and prize, and my participation in it. By my acceptance, I release iinta and its affiliates, administration, directors, employees, agents, contract workers and representatives of and their families from any and all claims, damages, demands, omissions, liabilities including without limitations to those based on negligence, bodily injury or death, loss, class action suits, obligations, costs, injuries of any nature directly or indirectly related to Launch iinta Contest either known or unknown.
  3. I understand that iinta has no obligation to provide a replacement, substitute or any additional prize or further compensation to me. By me accepting the prize, iinta has honoured and fulfilled their responsibility and connection to me and I have no claims to iinta now or in the future pertaining to the contest and prize in any nature.
  4. I understand that iinta will exclusively own any photos, videos, film and audios of me, regardless of form, as it pertains to Launch iinta Contest and prize. Any further publicity resulting from Launch iinta Contest and prize will not require my expressed consent.
  5. I am not, nor is anyone related to me or living in my household in any way affiliated with iinta staff, administration either directly or indirectly.
  6. I agree to return my prize to iinta if any of the above statements made by me in this Agreement are false.
  7. I understand that any taxes associated with accepting this prize are my responsibility and that iinta will report monetary prizes or their equivalents to proper government authorities. This prize is valued at ________.
  8. This Agreement is governed under Ontario Law and I have read this Agreement fully and understand the content within. I have executed this winner’s Declaration and Release Agreement with sound mind and completely and fully understand its significance.
  9. I do not hold iinta responsible should my prize be stolen, lost or damaged in transport.


_____________________________Print Name_____________________________


Witness ________________________Print Name_____________________


Prize won _________________________________________________________

Winner signs here if winner agreed to have the prize mailed to the address on the Launch iinta Contest form.


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