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When you know, you know. Jiwan Deol, live edge wood creator, knew from a young age that he wanted to pursue a career in woodworking. His father was a hobbyist and taught Deol at a young age how to work with wood. At 21 he made the firm decision to become a carpenter.

“I loved the idea of being my own boss and doing what I love daily,” he says.

Deol graduated from Wilfred Laurier with a BBA as a Finance Major, even though he knew he would be opening his own business. His shop, Lumber Avenue, opened full time in early 2020, just before the COVID pandemic, which is a bold move in a new, foreign world.

They recently began a monthly program where they feature a coffee table, to their specifications, on their Instagram and feature it with a matching sofa table. They offer the piece up for sale to their followers and it often sells within the hour.,

“We custom make all our work,” Deol says. “No two pieces are alike.”

Lumber Avenue focuses on the client’s needs and keeps them apprised of the progress made to their piece. Deol’s goal is to “create something they would be proud to have in their home or business.”

Their most popular piece requested are dining room tables, usually made of Black Walnut. Though they also design bar tops, countertops and epoxy tables — to name a few. He also notes that while people typically request Black Walnut, he is beginning to see a trend in requests for exotic wood like Spanish Walnut — Parota.

Deol says most workshops join two or more pieces together in order to create large tables. However, his company uses a single slab. They furthermore take extra steps to source that material for their clients, whether it’s 6’x3’ or 12’x5’ in size.

For the majority of projects, Deol says he is able to provide documentation showing where the lumber came from. Furthermore, he uses “locally salvaged trees” for most of their projects and aren’t using fresh cut lumber from a forest — which is even better for the environment. Rather, the local pieces come from trees that were cut due to disease, burning or damaged.

Their works do not have to be made strictly for indoor use either. Since they create their projects based on client specifications, Lumber Avenue is able to adjust accordingly. Deol says the products are supposed to last for a lifetime.

“We put in proper care to make sure that any product we provide will withstand any elements encountered,” Deol says.

When looking at using epoxy in the design, which is growing in popularity and not slowing down, he says it is meant to enhance the colour of the wood itself. Deol says Spalted Maple is a personal favourite, noting the finished look is “gorgeous,” particularly with a blue epoxy added.

The price of the piece can vary from $1,200-3,000+ (CAD) due to the specifications of the piece, including type of wood, base and legs as well as the design itself.

The team of three has over 20 years of experience combined and are hardworking and dedicated to the manufacturing of pristine, remarkable and stunning Live Edge Wood.

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