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When the mind is rejuvenated so is the body and vice versa.

Feeling good about yourself is one of the mottos, and goals, of Nigelle Medi Esthetics in Val Caron, Ontario. Their incredible skin rejuvenation services which leave you feeling as though you just took a mini-vacation.

iinta is excited to introduce you to Nigelle Fredette, owner and operator of Nigelle Medi Esthetics.

Nigelle has over thirty years of experience as an aesthetician. She was originally trained in Montreal and later enriched her skills in both Paris and Holland. She is naturally devoted to her clients and strives to pamper while providing them with the best possible aesthetic results.

Dr. Paul Fredette, her husband, is a licensed family physician with over fifteen years of experience providing non-invasive medical aesthetic services. Nigelle and Paul have combined their experience to form an effective team, optimizing each clients’ understanding of the aesthetic care that is especially tailored for them.

Nigelle Medi Esthetics has a wide variety of services that will help you feel and look like a new you, help reduce wrinkles, unwanted hair, acne scarring, sagging and more.

Forma and Lumecca are very popular energy technology options that smooth wrinkles and harmonize pigments while invigorating the skin to produce a healthier and more youthful appearance.

These are just a few of the services available but it’s guaranteed to be relaxing, refreshing and rejuvenating from start to finish. The friendly, professional atmosphere helps you feel comfortable and the services themselves are almost like a spa treatment.

Nigelle Medi Esthetics Top 3 Services

Forma feels like a relaxing hot stone massage. While wrapped in a fuzzy blanket and lulled with gentle music, Nigelle soothingly delivers to you a consistently warm energy with a calming tempo. You will easily drift into a gentle and restful, almost meditative, state while the soothing energy reinvigorates the derma (skin), stimulating healing and rejuvenation of the skin. A home routine is encouraged to help your skin maintain its elasticity.

Nigelle says it’s great for anti-aging eyes and creates a slight lymphatic drain, though not a true one as that’s a different type of procedure. It stimulates, which in turn helps smooth, tone and brighten the eye area.

Lumecca is a more intense experience for those who are looking for more dramatic results. It targets age spots, vascular lesions,redness, freckles and sun damage. The device uses intense pulsed light (IPL) to deliver larger amounts of energy into the skin. Nigelle protects your eyes from this bright light with small goggles that you’ll soon forget are even on your face as you relax into the gentle zing of the IPL. She describes this procedure as pulling the damage from the skin, which eventually flakes off. Most people take 3 - 4 treatments to attain full results and using our home regime will help you reach your goal.

Diolaze XL is a very simple and effective laser hair removal treatment.

The laser delivers energy through the hair, it travels to its base and zaps the follicle to help prevent regrowth. It can take several treatments to reach your goal as the hair is diminished with every cycle and treatment.

Many clients eventually require very few maintenance treatments.

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