A Hidden Gem of Ontario

Flowers of a Bridge, Lagoon City, ON  Photo by Jennifer J. Lacelle

Lagoon City: A Hidden Gem of Ontario

Jennifer J. Lacelle


Intricate waterways weaving under bridges and between homes, creating roads for the local residents. The rivers running through the small town of Lagoon City, ON can be used for travel within the township though there are also roadways for vehicles. This secret hideaway in Ontario sits on the eastern shore of Lake Simcoe. It’s a five-minute drive off Highway 12 and 30 minutes away from Orillia.  

Lagoon City boasts nearly 16 kilometers of waterway that connects residents to each other as well as direct access to Lake Simcoe. This majestic place, easily mistaken for something out of a fairy tale, is home to a marina, yacht club and hotel as well as restaurants and a few small businesses. However, other necessities — such as a walk-in clinic, post office or LCBO — can be found in the nearby town of Brechin, which is less than a 10-minute drive. 

Because this town resides along Lake Simcoe many residents share a private beach with each other on waterfront properties. Visitors do have access to a public beach with parking available. 

Lagoon City’s community has many events throughout the year that help bond them together. Some of these celebrations include Oktoberfest, Dragonboat, Car Rallies, Lobster Fest and the Terry Fox Run. For other community resources, photos and information, visit the township’s website here.

The average home for sale in this particular zone, including Brechin, generally sits between $199,000 and $999,000.

Off a Bridge to a Water Channel, Lagoon City, ON Photo by Jennifer J. Lacelle

These gorgeous houses typically range from two to five bedrooms and two to three bathrooms. Even the lake and riverways in this area are so close it feels as though you’re sitting on the lakeside regardless of a waterfront property. 

If you want to design your own home then there are plenty of empty lots available for sale that, on average, are $199,900.  

For more resources on properties up for sale you can visit the Century 21 website located in Lagoon City. 

This township is like Ontario’s own, modern day Venice (Italy) or even Giethoorn (Holland). The stunning array of waterway roads, homes, plant life and wild life throughout this township is breathtaking to say the least. Walking the streets is like a reminder that stories of magical lands may, in fact, exist.

Birds of Prey, Lagoon City, ON Photo by Jennifer J. Lacelle

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