Rod LaRocque 🡪 Who knew table tennis was so competitive?  Trude Pritzi & Richard Bergmann: table tennis world champions from Vienna Austrian champion table tennis players who began their careers at that same Viennese table tennis centre Published October 4, 2020 by  Dominik Nostitz (Kulturpool / uma information technology)   A table tennis hall in the heart of Vienna’s 8th district is probably the world’s oldest. The hall, at Lange Gasse 69, dates back to the 19th century - when men played table tennis in tail-coats. With more than a hundred years of history, it was where several Austrian world champions trained and...

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Rod LaRocque

Entertainment 🡪 Given the new Netflix sensation The Queen’s Gambit this could be a fun, short piece to add Checkmate! 7 fascinating facts about chess Exploring the history and culture of chess Published January 22, 2021 by  Aleksandra Strzelichowska (Europeana Foundation)   The Netflix's hit TV series 'The Queen's Gambit' has started a massive surge of interest in chess. Whether you bought your first set inspired by the story of Beth Harmon or you played chess 'before it was cool', let's explore seven fascinating facts about this game. Checkmate The word 'Checkmate' takes its origin from the Persian phrase 'Shah Mat'...

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