Summer Boating 2021

Summer Boating 2021

Did you know that approximately 100 Canadians a year die fromboating accidents. In the United States, in 2019, there were 613 deaths out of4,168 boating accidents; 2,559 injuries, and $55 million dollars in property damage.

There are many things you can do to help protect yourself, family and friends when you’re on the water. One, don’t consume alcohol or drugs. While we all enjoy letting loose, these elements impair response time and judgment. Not to mention, in some provinces you can be fined, serve time in prison, or have your boat seized by authorities.

Two, make sure you have life jackets! Approximately 90% of deaths that occur are because the person wasn’t wearing one. Three, stay clear of shipping lanes. You don’t want to get run over! Four, when it comes to watersports, please ensure you follow all guidelines for vessel use and laws enacted by the government in your region.

Last, but certainly not least,boating insurance. Having insurance for your vessel can save you a substantial amount of time, money and energy in the long run. Not to mention provide you, and your passengers, with peace of mind when you set sail this summer.

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