Exfoliate – The key to Glowing Skin!

Exfoliate – The key to Glowing Skin!

Exfoliate – The key to Glowing Skin!

AUTHOR/EDITOR: Nigelle Fredette

DECEMBER 27, 2021

Sun exposure and other elements like age, health, and lifestyle choices can greatly impact your skin's appearance. Despite the obvious brown spots on your skin, additional sun damage, such as dry skin, fine lines, and wrinkles, may also negatively affect your skin. It's possible that some skin diseases are less obvious to the naked eye. Even so, an esthetician can correctly diagnose your skin's problems and give you the required products while helping you develop a skincare programme. It's crucial to keep in mind that your morning or evening doesn't have to be devoted to your skincare routine. You will see the benefits when your skin begins to look better if you start modestly. Results will increase as you take better care of your skin. It's that easy!


Desmond Morris, a biologist, stated in 1967, "Flawless skin is the most universally desired human feature." You can relax knowing that your skin is ready for exfoliation after around three months of exposure to the sun. Let's define exfoliation. Exfoliation is a procedure used to separate pigmented skin cells, remove the buildup of dry, flaky and dead tissue, open blocked pores (which also helps prevent acne), and level out skin tone, which contributes to the appearance of brighter, more radiant skin. There are three forms of exfoliation, physical, chemical, and mechanical. Exfoliation will be the first step.


Dead skin cells that naturally inhibit your skin from glowing can be removed through this technique. Dead skin cells frequently appear as slough and give your skin an unattractive grey hue. Many of us don't do that frequently enough, and some people may merely feel that their skin is too dry. It's crucial to remember that fine lines, another symptom of dehydration, are exacerbated by dry, dead skin.


Using products with components that act as a scrub is the greatest way to physically exfoliate the skin. When you use a granular scrub on your face, the product will buff the skin and loosen the dead skin cells by gently rubbing the skin's surface. By removing the skin's top layer of cells, this procedure helps to remove dirt. Exfoliants include sea salt, sugar, baking soda, oats, ground walnut shells, coffee, etc. Face scrubs, exfoliating paste, and washing brushes are additional alternatives for physical exfoliation.

Your skin can be brightened more effectively with chemical exfoliation. Chemical exfoliants eliminate undesirable dead skin cells and dry skin just like physical exfoliants, but because the procedure is more targeted, you receive more desirable outcomes. With this therapy, it is generally better to speak with a dermatologist or esthetician to ensure your skin isn't suffering more than it is benefiting. Certain products might cause varied degrees of skin damage should they be improperly used at home. Nonetheless, the consequences are nearly instantaneous when properly applied. After you leave the clinic or spa, your skin will feel radiant.

Chemical peels often contain alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs), beta hydroxy acids (BHAs), and polyhydroxy acids as their main chemical exfoliants (PHAs). Your skincare expert may assist you in choosing the ideal exfoliant for your lovely skin type!

Ultimately, mechanical exfoliants are the most targeted, result-driven exfoliation option accessible. Are you tired of those brown spots and want them to disappear immediately? Then your skin care specialist will use small/large granules or natural materials to exfoliate your skin. Some dermatologists or estheticians might also have access to cutting-edge equipment like INMODE.  Although this technology could be more expensive than others, it gives customers better results.

Once the dead cells are gone, your skin care specialist will provide you with serums and creams specific to your skin type that will help to maintain your youthful-looking skin. Furthermore, they will likely establish a personalized skincare routine to help nourish and improve your skin texture. Most professional products are formulated with powerhouse peptides that firm and strengthen the skin, which helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. At the same time, antioxidants protect from free radical damage.

Spend a moment each day reading your skin in the mirror. What's the narrative? Perhaps it's worthwhile to take a closer look and give it a little extra attention! Cheers to skincare! 

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