Top 13 Places to Visit in Canada: Quebec

Top 13 Places to Visit in Canada: Quebec

Top 13 Places to Visit in Canada

Chambly, Quebec 

Author/Editor : Jennifer J. Lacelle 

Date : July 2, 2021

 Parlé vous Francais? Oui? Non. Regardless, the culture in Quebec, a land of rich history in fur trade, wars, and exploration has maintained much of its unique heritage. The province is a must for anyone who admires old architecture, languages, history, shopping and food.


Jacques Cartier claimed the land for France in 1534 when he put up a cross on the cliffs of Gaspé. However, it wouldn’t all be fun and games for the explorer and settlers who would search for diamonds, gold and a route to the Asian lands. 

 The St. Lawrence River was often the riverbed various nationalities would fight over for domination and control. While Cartier didn’t find the gold and diamonds he had hoped for, the man did find something else: furs. This trade would be the predominant French occupation for the next sixty years before the first actual settlers would arrive in 1617. 

 Samuel de Champlain established a two-storey home that the Indigenous referred to as Quebec. Things didn’t quite go according to his plan as the English and French ended up fighting for control of the land in 1756. The English would later prevail and in fear of losing the French civilians to The United States, they were permitted to continue their customs and traditions. 

 Nowadays, it is clear to see the influence of the French, English, and Irish throughout the province in not only the historical buildings, walkways and churches but in the culture and languages and dialects. Captain Jacque de Chambly was sent in 1665 (by the King of France) and ended up having the city named after him, though it was originally named Saint-Louis. 

The fort was burned down in 1702 and was reconstructed in stone, and in 1760 it too was surrendered to the British. It played pivotal roles against the United States Invasion (1775) andThe War of 1812. Despite the battles it was involved it, the community and population ended up growing and they built canals, mills, and educational institutes over the years. 

 According to the 2021 reports, there are over 31K citizens residing in Chambly. The city has two National Historic Sites: Chambly Canal and Fort-Chambly. Since it’s only 23-kilometers from Montreal, it makes for a fantastic day or weekend trip for curious tourists.


Why not start off with a delightful break at theÀ La Claire Fontaine? They have four registered massage therapists and run year-round, Monday to Friday, and an appointment is required.


There are number of packages that clients can select, from specific times (30 minutes to 90 minutes), lymphatic draining (body, or face and head specifically), and reflexology. What a better way to start your break than to get into the zone of relaxation. 

 Once you’ve finished relaxing, catch a meal and show atCafé-Théâtre de Chambly. Surrounded by trees and built with a brick exterior and columns outside the entrance, the café looks like something out of a fairy tale. They have been operating for over three decades, produce six different shows a year and participate in Festival de Jeune Théâtre. 

 So, the packages available combine the fine dining experience of Grillades du Fort or La Croisée des Chemins with the theatre. Your tickets to view the show will be provided to you during dinner and then you simply hop over to view the theatre. Reservations are required. Now that you’ve relaxed, eaten and taken in a show, it’s time to enjoy the nightlife. 

 Délires et Délices is a microbrewery and café, with event and meeting space rentals. Their lengthy list of specialty drinks includes beers, wines, ciders, spirits, cocktails, sangri-beers, non-alcoholic beers, and a small selection of non-alcoholics. If you need a midnight snack, there’s grilled cheese, tasting plates and appetizers.


Start your day with a healthy, delicious breakfast at the Divine Goodness Bistro:Bonte Divine. This bistro works hard to serve only the freshest meals using ingredients from the region. 

Their desserts are all made in-house with organic flours and as few ingredients as possible. They opened in 2007 after major restorations to the building. 

Originally, the house was a Bell Canada Telephone Exchange and homed several families of prominence in Chambly. Now that you’re ready to tackle the day, give yourself those rumoured 20 minutes before jumping on the water withCenter nautique Gervais-Désourdy (Gervais-Désourdy nautical center). Visitors can rent almost anything you’d naturally see on the water (pedal boats, kayaks, paddle boards, canoes, etc.) as individuals, couples or families. If you’re a little new to this world, you can take some classes and learn the basics. 

 Depending on what you’re into, there are several activities to choose from. Self-guided historical walk, wildlife observation log, stand up paddle board session, sea kayaking or Rabaska canoe trip. With these you can saunter on down the canals and river beds enjoying the sun, fresh air and scenery at your leisure. Don’t miss stopping at theFort Chambly National Historic Site for some amazing history and site-seeing. You can take a tour, exhibitions, or trails. 

There are even re-enactments to view or learn about old weaponry and how they function. Because the fort is along the Richelieu River, and forest, there are stunning locations to walk along. Let’s not forget to appreciate the fine arts of society by visitingLa Galerie de Miss Ray. Sitting outside the Chambly Basin, the house has a spectacular view inside and out. 

With a wide range of artistic styles at the gallery it no wonder there are a number of select artists with whom they work and feature: abstract, watercolour, acrylics, etc. If you’re lucky, there will be an event hosted in the space when you intend to visit. They host exhibitions and cultural events. The gallery can also be rented for poetry slams, cocktail evenings, or conferences.


Just outside of Chambly is the stunningEden Sur Terre bed and breakfast. Just like the name, it doesn’t feel like it’s on earth with the picturesque landscape, fairy tale buildings, outdoor hot tub and pool, and the fountain and pond. On site, or surrounding area, activities can include hiking, cycling, or horse-back riding. 

If you really need some assistance winding down, they offer meditation classes to their clients. They offer all the amenities of home with WIFI, television and DVD player in each room, a shared lounge and shared washroom facility. About the same distance away, heading toward the St. Lawrence River isHotel Mortagne. 

This gargantuan hotel is a palace to itself with 500 parking spaces, Norwegian baths, lounge, restaurant, and gym. Every room has a hair dryer, large shower or bath, goose down duvet and pillows, and workspace. They’re also designed for those with disabilities to easily access and maneuver in. Now that you know what to expect out of a small town, maybe it’s time to book your own mini-vacation in Chambly, Quebec.

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